Storing Cannabis

Storing Cannabis

Storing Cannabis

How do you know if you are storing your cannabis properly? There are a few specific factors you need to consider before purchasing a container.

The two best materials in which to store your cannabis are glass and stainless steel. The downsides of glass is that it can scratch or worse, shatter, and you run the risk of a mess, or small chards of glass ending up in your flower. It is also important that the container be airtight to avoid drying out the contents. A rubber seal will guarantee that. You definitely don't want to be using plastic bags to store your cannabis as they are often not airtight and can easily rip or puncture.

Clear glass jars are a problem because light and UV rays can damage your cannabis by degrading the active chemicals found in the flower. Ideally, the container will be opaque or at least block some light and UV rays. It's just like getting medications in brown tinted containers since like cannabis, many are light sensitive.

High temperature can speed up degradation of the cannabinoids. When your cannabis is stored in excessive warmth, the cannabinoids and terpenes dry out more quickly than if stored in a cool location. If you are not storing your cannabis at optimal temperatures, you run the risk of reducing its potency as well as drying it out which creates harsh smoke. Another concern about temperature is that mold and other biological material on cannabis thrive in 77-86F, which you definitely do not want on your flower. Ideally, you want to keep your cannabis flower in a cool, dry, dark location.

In addition, storing your cannabis at the proper humidity is imperative for maintaining the quality of your product. If the humidity is too high, you increase the chance of mold growth, but on the other hand, if the humidity is too low, you run the risk of your flower becoming too dry and the trichomes, which supply the cannabinoids and terpenes, becoming brittle. There are multiple companies that have created a special two-way humidity pack that can be used for cannabis. A lab called The Werc Shop ran tests to determine the optimal humidity for storing cannabis. Ideally, your cannabis should be stored between 59%-63% humidity.

Long story short, when looking for a container to hold your cannabis flower, you ideally want an airtight, stainless steel container kept at a cool temperature away from direct light and stored with the proper humidity.