CBD | Coast Leaflettes

Ringo's Gift
5.6g in Pack of 7 Filtered Pre-Rolls
1.0% THC | 8.3% CBD


Calm anxiety, relax muscles and relieve pain and inflammation with this CBD dominant blend. Coast's CBD blend is a soothing cannabinoid rich blend that evokes a blissful, Zen-like calm.

The CBD blend is designed to create a calm and serene effect, with just a tiny bit of THC to activate the CBD components. This allows CBD to unlock its potential and deliver its medicinal properties during each session. If you are looking for something to calm and relax the mind, but without the psychoactive effect found in THC, this is what you want to smoke. CBD can also reduce the psychoactive effect from THC. If you ever find yourself needing to calm down from being excessively high, smoke our CBD blend and it can help reduce the anxiety and counter the high effect.