Cannabis distribution services for brands

Why Pushr?

Pushr has the fastest-growing network of dispensaries in Southern California with 200 retail dispensaries….and counting. But that’s not all. We also provide a host of value-added services to boost your product's performance in the marketplace.

In addition to standard transportation and storage services, Pushr also educates sales reps and budtenders about your products to improve sell-through, we list your product on our eCommerce store for easy ordering, we provide real-time visibility as your products move through the supply chain, and we deliver valuable data to make you smarter about which strains/products to focus on next. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Pushr.

Pushr vs the competition

eCommerce Store

Pushr is the only distributor with a simple but powerful online shopping experience for dispensary buyers. is the most heavily trafficked distribution website in the cannabis industry.

Your products listed on our store will only increase your visibility in the eyes of dispensary buyers. 

Budtender Education

Budtenders wield enormous influence at the point of sale. Customers frequently buy the products that budtenders recommend. The purpose of Pushr’s WeedGenius(™) program is to increase the frequency with which budtenders recommend your products.

First, online courses are created for your product(s). Then, courses are shared with budtenders who agree to participate in exchange for discounts on your products, product samples, and swag. Budtenders who pass the course receive product samples and provide feedback about your product, which we share with you.

Click here to learn more about the WeedGenius Budtender Education Program. 


Brand Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Data is critical to our brands' success. We're creating a modern supply chain powered by real time data. The Pushr Brand Dashboard is where you’ll view real time statistics on your product’s performance as they move through each stage of the supply chain. 

Status Updates:

  • Scheduled for pickup
  • Received
  • Quarantine/Lab Testing
  • In Storage
  • Ordered
  • Fulfilled
  • Delivered

Key Metrics:

(Click to learn more about our data offerings for cannabis brands)

  • Share of market %
  • Which stores were approached/received your product samples
  • The conversion rate of samples given to orders placed
  • Who ordered and why
  • Who didn’t order and why
  • Budtender Feedback
  • Budtenders/retailers who took your course
  • Budtenders/retailers who passed the exam
  • Budtender Pass/Fail rate
  • Active retailers #
  • Repeat customers %
  • Which specific stores are placing repeat orders
  • Average monthly order volume
  • 30 day forecast
  • Money you’re owed
  • Recommended next shipment (the units/pounds Pushr will need for 45 days)
  • Next shipment date 

These data points will be delivered via a weekly email digest until the dashboard feature is live. Click here to learn more about Pushr's sales data and market insights for cannabis brands. 

Statewide Coverage (Coming Soon)

Pushr currently covers Southern California through its partnership with a licensed facility in Los Angeles. But it would be a shame if these amazing value-added services were limited to just the SoCal market. Pushr is forming partnerships with licensed facility owners strategically located in NorCal (Bay Area) and SoCal (San Diego) in order to offer seamless distribution of your products throughout the state.

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