Sales Data and Market Insights for Cannabis Brands

We’re all about data. Why? Because data is key to creating a modern supply chain, and key to our mission of pushing the cannabis industry forward.

Data is key to gaining an edge in the cannabis space. Data empowers you, our brands, to answer fundamental questions such as “How well are we penetrating this territory?”, “How receptive is the market to the strains we’re growing?” “What’s our conversion rate for opening new retail accounts?”, “What percentage of our retail customers are repeat customers?”, “What are budtenders saying about our products?”. With the answers to questions like these, you’ll invest your capital more wisely, you’ll make fewer mistakes, and you’ll have clarity your competitors wish they had.

Below are some of the specific metrics you’ll have at your fingertips by joining the Pushr network.

‘Market Test’ & ‘Market Report’

Starting with product samples, Pushr tests the market by showing your product to 30 dispensary buyers, and reports back on:

- which dispensaries were shown the product

- which dispensaries purchased the product, and why

- which dispensaries did not purchase it, and why

- overall conversion rate

- the optimal price point for capturing market share

Along with the market report, Pushr will offer a consignment deal at the recommended price point based on the market data gathered from the market test. 

Share of market %

We divide California into three regions, as shown below. We report to you on the percentage of dispensaries in the territory who are carrying your products.

We'll also share report on:

- Active accounts

- % Repeat Customers

- Monthly spend per store

- Average monthly order volume

Budtender Feedback

Budtenders are the single most powerful influencers in the supply chain. Cannabis is still new to most consumers. They step into a store and ask budtenders what they’d recommend. Budtenders will recommend productsthey can speak about with confidence and authority. Those are the products consumers are buying disproportionately to other products.

Pushr will report to you on:

- Budtenders/retailers who took your course

- Budtenders/retailers who passed the exam

- Budtender Pass/Fail rate

- Budtender positive feedback, (who liked it and why)

- Budtender negative feedback, (who disliked it and why)


General Gauges

- 30 day forecast

- Money earned

- Money you’re owed

- Next shipment date

- Recommended shipment quantity


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