The Pushr sales team places brands on shelves across a large and growing network of dispensaries in Southern California. Rates start at 12% of sales. If you have the next amazing cannabis product, contact us here and tell us about it.

Brand Development

The age of branding in cannabis is upon us. It is critical to nail the overall aesthetic of your brand and packaging. If your packaging is too cheap, too expensive, too outdated, too bulky, or simply non-compliant, you’ll waste precious time and money. Contact us to learn about how Pushr can help you avoid common cannabis packaging pitfalls nail it the first time around.

Market Testing

In speaking with hundreds of new and emerging cannabis brands, one theme is common in almost every interaction. The brand is wrong about the price their product will fetch in the wholesale market. Let Pushr’s sales team take the guesswork out of pricing your product. By placing your product in front of 30+ retail buyers and store managers and collecting pre-orders and targeted feedback, our team will gather the market intelligence necessary to price your products with confidence. Learn more about how market testing works.


Pushr delivers to more than 180 dispensaries in Southern California with a fleet of climate-controlled delivery vans. We cover Santa Barbara county down to San Diego County, and everything in between. Each week, Pushr delivers to the following regions in SoCal:

  • Santa Barbara, Lompoc, Ventura

  • Palm Desert, High Desert, Riverside

  • Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley

  • Orange County 

  • San Diego

Rates start at 12% and decline to as low as 8% based on order volume. Contact us to learn more.

Co-packing Flower

Our dedicated packaging team manages packaging projects seamlessly from end to end. All aspects of the packaging process are covered including sourcing materials, weighing, dispensing, sealing, affixing labels, and a final quality assurance check. Learn more about how our co-packing services can save you both time and money. 

Contract Manufacturing of Smokables (Joints)

What to do with all of that excess trim, shake, and smalls? Joints make a great addition to any farm’s product lineup. Why not contract with Pushr to manufacture a line of pre-rolled joints for you?


Whether you need a full trim, or a light touch up, Pushr has you covered. Our dedicated trimming team will work diligently to get just the right look for the product to satisfy discerning retail buyers. This service is only available to partner farms. Learn how to become a partner. 

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