Are you a cultivator or manufacturer of top-shelf cannabis products?
If so, we want to work with you!

Why Pushr?

Pushr has the fastest-growing network of dispensaries in the state of California with 300 retail dispensaries….and counting. But that’s not all. We educate budtenders throughout our network of stores to ensure that your product is recommended to the right customers at the right time. Finally, we offer flexibility in the form of three unique programs for cultivators and manufacturers.


Gold Partner

The Gold Partner plan is best-suited for cultivators and manufacturers who prefer to focus on what they do best. Create world class cannabis products. Gold Partners simply hand over their harvest, and we do the rest, including packaging, labeling, sales, and delivery to retailers. Gold Partners's flowers are sold under brands owned by Pushr.

Silver Partner

The Silver Partner’s program is designed for cannabis cultivators and manufacturers who want to increase the number of dispensaries who carry their products. Silver partners gain new shelf space because Pushr’s sales reps carry samples and educate budtenders about their products. Silver Partners must demonstrate the ability to successfully market and promote their products, as well as package their products to optimize shelf appeal.

Bronze Partner

The Bronze Partner plan is ideal for cannabis cultivators and manufacturers who already have sufficient retail relationships in place, and are looking to use a distributor for just the bare essentials: QA, storage and transportation. Bronze Partners’ products must include professional-looking packaging.