WeedGenius Budtender Education Program, by Pushr

Budtenders are a key driver of product sales. They interact with several dozen potential customers each day, and their recommendations have an enormous impact on consumers’ purchase decisions at the point of sale.

Budtenders are often uninformed

While consumers heed their recommendations, the truth is, many budtenders know only a little bit more about the cannabis products they’re selling than their customers. They understand cannabis at the surface (ie the typical budtender can explain to a customer the effects of THC and CBD, or how an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid might make them feel). However, there are many layers of complexity to cannabis, including myriad terpenes and cannabinoids which, if understood by budtenders, would help customers discover the specific reasons why your product is a fit for a customer seeking a particular outcome.

Introducing WeedGenius

Pushr’s WeedGenius program helps budtenders to gain that next level of cannabis knowledge in order to make more informed product recommendations to customers. Here’s how the program works.

  1. - Sign up with Pushr
  2. - Provide your brand story, product details, and competitive edge (ie what makes your product unique?)
  3. - Our education team will create an online course with an exam section and will gain your approval before making the course live for budtenders
  4. - Pushr’s sales team will introduce the WeedGenius program to budtenders who, once signed up, will have access to all existing courses and exams
  5. - Budtenders who pass the exam with 80% or higher will receive discounted products, samples, and swag from your brand
  6. - Budtenders who receive samples provide feedback which we share with our brands
  7. - Budtender recommendations for your products will increase as more budtenders pass your product exam
  8. - Enjoy a healthy sales lift. You’re welcome ;-)

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